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Trilla Pando:

Stirring up memories

About Trilla

Trilla Pando

Patricia hasn't been "Patricia" since she was three, when her musically inclined older sister transformed Patricia Louise into Trilla.

Trilla Pando

Trilla grew up in lonely, wind-swept Amarillo, Texas and raised her family in bustling, oil-frenzied Houston, where she also studied economics, which she later taught in college for many years. Today, she lives in the small-town world Bainbridge, Georgia with her husband Bob. (The nearest city is Tallahassee, Florida.)

Trilla Pando

Trilla writes "Stirring up memories" for the Post-Searchlight and spends a great deal of her time telling, sharing, and preserving women's life stories through her commitment to Story Circle Network. She also writes her own personal narratives and occasionally, tries her hand at fiction and poetry—she has published both. Someday, she's going to take drawing lessons.